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Is government the servant or master?

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Gordon Brown says that banks should be the “servants of the economy and society and never its master“. What a pity he does not apply that same logic to government, because lets face it, that was supposed to be how things were. Instead, we have had nearly 12 years of a government that has lectured, cajoled, bullied and mislead its people.

This government has made promises to the people that is has not delivered on, then, quietly shelved the initiative without telling us. This government in general and Gordon Brown in particular has consistently failed to deliver on its financial targets. Whether we are referring to the economy, or something like child poverty. Rather than admit that they have failed, they simply re-write the rule book, no apology, no explanation, just carry on as if nothing has happened.  Just take a look at UK Plc’s debt mountain to see how government has manipulated the figures, with countless examples of ‘off-balance sheet’ accounting. PFI, public sector pensions etc.

When it comes to our civil liberties and right to privacy, this government has driven a coach and horses through everything that our forefathers fought for and we valued, all in the name of protecting us against the threat of terrorists. This, in spite of the fact that this country faced 30 years of terrorism from the IRA, without the need for draconian legislation. Now, as a result of this government believing that it knows best, or to put it another way, government is the master, not the servant, we can do little without being tracked by faceless government officials.

We have 4.2m CCTV cameras watching our every move, ANPR cameras tracking individual movements of cars and if you have an Oyster card, your movements will be recorded and retained. The details of every call, text message and email will be recorded and retained for use by government officials. As will your internet browsing habits. If you go on holiday, the government will now record where you went, for how long, how you paid and where you were seated. If you have young children, our government will record every detail of their educational needs, welfare, carers, psychological well-being and education results. This government wants to record the DNA of of every individual in the country that is questioned by the police, irrespective of whether they are subsequently charged, they then want to retain that information, even if the individual is acquitted.

This government wants to introduce ID cards, even though most people don’t want them. They want to use biometrics and even include a chip that could potentially record the movement of every citizen with a card. This government has allowed 780 individual government agencies and/or private companies access to our most private information, with little or no oversight. There are now 250 agencies that can legally break into our homes. This is a government that believes that it is the master and not the servant of the people.

Like it or not, this Labour government, with the tacit approval of any MP who failed to speak for the people, has run roughshod over the people of this country. Even now, no major party will speak up for the people, yes, they may make the odd comment, but they do nothing about it. None of the major parties have included in their policy an agreement to review and if necessary, repeal legislation that has wrecked our liberty and right to privacy. It is high time the people of this country said that enough was enough, members of parliament are supposed to serve the public, government is the servant, not the master and we demand the return of our liberty and our right to be free from an overbearing, know it all state.


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  1. Agreed wholeheartedly, but my only question is this: Is it the Labor party or the governmental system that is not serving the public.

    Previous Tory policies started the banking crisis in my opinion way back when Thatcher joined the Global deregulation of banking systems, allowing in a way a license to print money, she deregulated almost all public services and sold them off to her cronies. The current state of the economy has been a long time coming, remember the anti-capitalist marches? We were complaining back then that it gave certain individuals a license to print money, it gave Global organizations and individuals the ability to move assets around the world to avoid taxes, it seems to me the current deficit is a result of these actions pioneered by the Tories and exaggerated and bloated beyond all recognition by Labor. There are individuals and corporations out there who still seem to have money to burn, Richard Branson for example seems to be able to find money to buy a F1 team at a time when a large majority of the British public, no the global public can barely afford to put food on the table and pay their bills. Money cannot disappear and while we have a global market for some the vast majority of people have to pay their taxes; income, poll tax (it still is, wrapped in different spin), import and export duties, exchange rates, the list goes on. We are all paying for bureaucracy that is inefficient and unnecessary.

    Finally to those who seem to be spouting all over the internet at the moment in defense of governments that we are all to blame as we all borrowed and lived the good times, no we did not, some did, but there are many out there, including myself who did not borrow to the max to pay for an exaggerated lifestyle. I saved, what so I have to show for it? Well the money I saved is now worth a great deal less because of the collapse of the pound, and that which I have saved has been eaten up rapidly as the government took my savings into account when calculating my benefits when I was made redundant, the banks and other businesses get bailed out to the tune of billions, yet I receive nothing. I paid all my taxes, yet banking bosses and government officials and Lords ciphered money into off-shore accounts to avoid taxes. I thought I had prepared myself for this situation which I and many others saw coming way back in the 90’s, I was wrong, what I missed was the corruption that was to continue as cronies, associates and the power hungry wealthy protected their assets at the cost of future generations, I think not. Gordon; “We should avoid Protectionism” I agree wholeheartedly, so open up your government and let the public see what you’ve really been up to, it is after all our Government, not yours. We didn’t even vote YOU in.

    Ben Duxbury

    22 February, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    • I suspect you are right, much is to do with the system itself, but the bottom line is New labour have milked it for all it is worth. There is way too much bureacracy and we have to pay for it, similarly, those that have been prudent, for example savers, are having to pay the same price as everyone else. It is a useless system, run by an inept government.

      British Politics

      22 February, 2009 at 3:17 pm

  2. We have Gordon Brown telling us how well they have handled the economy, Prescott lecturing us on why New Labour will win a 4th term and Jack Straw informing us that this government has protected liberty and freedoms and we have the right to vote them out if we do not agree. Okay, okay, so if they are so cocky about their prospects, can we please have an election NOW!

    Liberty Lover

    27 February, 2009 at 4:18 pm

  3. The master of the people is their servant.


    1 March, 2010 at 1:51 am

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